Companies are in the business of winning - by delighting customers, maximizing profits, growing market share, expanding to new areas, constantly innovating, shifting to new & better systems, and arresting any decline in performance.  And to do this, the competitive firm must always  have an eye towards the future in order to know which markets are expanding, where the next opportunity will come from, how consumers will behave, when will competitors launch new products, what new regulations are being prepared, which supplier or distributor to partner with, or whether a price-war is imminent.


We supply the critical consumer, market and competitive business insights so that company decision-makers can act swiftly and boldly in whatever markets they compete in.


For over 15 years, we have been a provider of research around the Asian region.  Utilizing various research methodologies, we help companies understand customers, evaluate industries, assess opportunities, determine trends, benchmark competition, project future growth, realign market strategies, enter new territories, launch new products, gain market share, pre-empt rivals, and improve their business performance.  We believe that a firm's strategy should be built upon a strong understanding of itself and deep knowledge of the immediate competitive arenaaround it.  And beyond competing for market share, a company's success can also be determined in a large part by its ability to find, filter, analyze and act on vital information ahead of the customers, markets or competitors.



  • Market Studies :
    size, segments, growth trends, drivers, players, channels
  • Product Evaluation :
    usage, features, demand, pricing, packaging
  • Consumer Mindset :
    profiles, preferences, motivations and purchase habits





This is where we come in.  We have the networks, the capability and the resources to produce the knowledge companies require to win in and around the Asian markets.


  • Market Profile :
    structure, dynamics and factors
  • Market Momentum :
    direction, opportunity and
  • Market Arena :
    entry or expansion strategies







  • Game Plan :
    Preparing for market growth and development
  • Benchmarks :
    Competitive intelligence and analysis
  • Networks :
    Business partner search and evaluation
  • Acquire :
    M&A Target evaluation
  • Future Plan :
    Scenarios and wargames
  • Building Blocks :
    Strategy and intelligence process development



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